Would the tag be a good addition? I just asked this question, and I know of many others that could fit this tag (see related of the linked question).

Please note that this is not just a tag-request, but rather asking if this tag would be good.

  • Related: what is the purpose of a [notifications] tag? [desktop-notifications] might make sense, [apple-push-notifications] seems eminently reasonable, but who is an expert in [notifications]? – Cody Gray Feb 15 '16 at 10:20
  • @CodyGray Yes! I agree... tell me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a tag for each individual technology? notifications isn't a technology, but desktop-notifications or [apple-push-notifications] etc. use different languages and technologies. I mean, who is going to look at questions tagged notifications? Most questions tagged this way get around 3 views... most agreed :). – Luke Fisk-Lennon Feb 15 '16 at 23:54
  • It is not as clear cut as a tag for each technology. But you're right in general, overly-generic tags are not useful. My idea was that the [notifications] tag would be something you could propose for a tag cleanup here on Meta. In the process of doing the clean-up, we could retag questions with more appropriate and specific tags. – Cody Gray Feb 16 '16 at 5:26

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