I encountered the tag.

According to its tag wiki, it is about OpenStack Juno. However, it is also used for questions about the Juno IDE for the Julia language and questions about Eclipse Juno.

I suggest the following disambiguation:

  • openstack-juno
  • julia-juno

There already is a tag for , so I'll see if I can do some re-tagging there.

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For the Julia questions, the tag was already present, with a tag excerpt of "The Juno IDE for the Julia programming language". Therefore the usage of for questions related to the IDE was incorrect. certainly is ambiguous and was being used for multiple reasons. As there were only 33 questions in the tag, I checked all the questions in the tag, and retagged them correctly. The following were the different questions I found:

  • Julia IDE Juno, which had to be tagged instead. (10, 1 too broad)
  • Eclipse versions 3.8-4.2, which had to be tagged instead. (5, 2 off topic, 1 too broad)

  • OpenStack Juno, for which the tag had to be used. (16)

Some rare usages were related to:

where I just removed the tag. As there were just single occurrences, I did not create a new tag for them.

I finally renamed as , and added it as a synonym to prevent it from being recreated.

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