When a non-user (or we, when we are not logged in) click(s) the upvote/downvote button on a question/answer, the following message is displayed:

Sending feedback...

and then:

Thanks for the feedback!

It also opens a box for logging in.

My questions are:

  • To whom does it send the feedback? (Users with some specific reputation?)
  • What data does the feedback contain? (vote, IP address or what other things?)
  • What happens to that feedback? (Is the user awarded/punished?)

The feedback can be found in a few places:

  • SEDE. A query can be run by anyone, even people without an account, but creating new queries requires SQL knowledge.
    • The PostFeedback table contains the following columns: Id, PostId, IsAnonymous, VoteTypeId, CreationDate.
    • See here for some queries I made for this.
  • 10k Tools.
    • There are only two advantages that this has over SEDE and that is that it's easier to use for the limited views it provides and also that the information is more up-to-date. There are a lot of disadvantages though, such as not being as flexible/powerful (you can't, for example, find the data for a specific question).
  • The feedback is also used in generating the Greatest Hits page, according to some formula, a page which is not linked anywhere in the UI.

Although the data is available, in my experience nobody does anything with it as it's just inconvenient to access.

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