After editing a Wiki tag, I understood that I made an error and the modification was not relevant (It was already in another tag). How to cancel it, so it not reviewed and rejected ?



You can't cancel suggested edits. Not on regular posts, and not on tag wikis.

Your edit will either be approved or declined in due course (it has been for your most recent edit).

  • Yes, it's for the most recent edit. Humm the edit was approved and shouldn't have. How to roll back now ? – COil Feb 3 '16 at 12:01
  • Want me to roll back the edit? – Martijn Pieters Feb 3 '16 at 12:02
  • Yes please because it was approved. – COil Feb 3 '16 at 12:04
  • Done; the change is gone. – Martijn Pieters Feb 3 '16 at 12:05

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