In the Bounty tab for a user's Activity, is the bounty's remaining time misaligned?

It seems to be nearly aligned to the top of the blue rect, as opposed to being baseline aligned with the question title (or amount).

enter image description here

Is this an intentional misalignment, to more clearly differentiate between the two different texts? I'm not a designer. It just appears bit odd as a "superscript" of the image.

Incidentally, the +100 within the blue rounded rect doesn't appear to be vertically centered in the rect, so the right part of the row apparently has 3 different text baselines.

This is with Safari 9.0.3 on OS X El Capitan 10.11.3

Naturally, if this is not status-bydesign, please don't delay more important rollouts like Documentation, for such a trivial issue! :) Thanks for all you do!

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