Usually, I'm able to edit questions without delay since I've over 2k reputation.

Earlier today, I came across this question and wanted to edit it so that the formatting is improved. I saw that an edit was pending, checked it and approved it since it basically was what I wanted to do. So why aren't my approval of edits also immediate? (Especially since everybody before me approved the edit.)

If I had made the change myself, it'd be done immediately, but since it's someone else, me approving it isn't enough? I just don't understand this discrepancy.

From the "similar questions suggestions", I've seen lots of duplicates pointing to a reference answer stating how to bypass this, but none explains why this clunky behavior exists at all.

Basically, since my word is enough for edits, when I click "approve" and ( this is important) no one rejected it before I approved it, my word should be enough without any extra steps. Why isn't this the case?

The keyword here is "why".

  • ... and weirdly despite people finding the duplicate very quickly, it wasn't present in my "similar questions suggestions" list. – Olivier Grégoire Feb 1 '16 at 12:40

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