Let me know if this is duplicate of any other existing thread and route me to the original post. I am using the SO for nearly around 2 months.

Currently I am working on one tech( JQuery DataTable) and searching all over the google ans SO for the answers that can solve my issues. In this learning process I am trying to look for other users who post their questions on DataTables but I did not find a way to filter the SO questions so that I can view only those question which are for the required topic( like java, sql or datatables in my case). I have added 'datatables' as my fav tag to my profile and added 13 other tags in the 'ignore tags' section but still I can see lot more questions with other new tags which I do not want to add them all to my Ignore tag section as because I will end up adding 30+ or more tags.

So can come one tell if there is way I can filter the question based on the tags that I can only view those question which I preferred? or there is way I should give feedback to SO to add this feature(if it is not present now) in future.

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As far as I know, adding favorite tags is not going to completely filter your feed. Tag filtering can be achieved by clicking on any tag or inserting [tag_name] into the search bar (on top of your screen).

You can also add tags that you don't want to see by preceding it with a -. For example, if you want datatables but not angularjs, just search for:

[datatables] -[angularjs]

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