At some point since I last edited a question on Stack Overflow, a "Rev" field (drop-down) was added to the edit page, with no explanation of its purpose.

The list contains the description and name associated with each revision so far, but why?


Actually, that's been there for a while. It's so you can edit a post from a previous revision of the post.

If you select a previous revision from the dropdown, the text in the editor will change to display the markdown from that previous revision. This was fixed recently, as the functionality didn't work for a while. From there, you can either submit the edit as-is, or you can edit further from that previous revision and fix other mistakes seen there.

What it looks like when picking a previous revision from the dropdown

If you look to the upper right of the image, you'll see you also get a warning that saving this edit will effectively rollback the post you're editing.

This is mildly useful for users with less than 2k rep who see an edit that vandalizes a post, want to fix it, and potentially want to clean up the previous revision a bit as well. However it's not that common to need this ability, and you need to explain what you're doing in the edit summary very well to have a better chance of the edit being approved.

This is really more useful for 2k rep users who need to rollback a post, yet fix up the previous revision. Their edits don't have to go through review and are applied automatically. Except in very clear-cut cases, probably best to leave this ability to them.

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    Sidenote: One can also select a specific version to edit from the revision history of a post
    – Vogel612
    Jan 24 '16 at 11:42

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