I'm making all kinds of reviews in a long time.

And now I'm working on the "Help and Improvement" queue.

After a period of reviewing, I found that I can rarely make some really good improvement on the post.

I think about it, and guess the reasons are:

  • I'm not familiar with the problem in the queue.
  • The problem is sometimes not understandable enough.
  • The problem is too low quality.
  • Action on the post can make little change, which have no improvement at all.

Also, the queue do not usually has a lot of posts. So I'm even doubt about the rule itself:

  • What do the queue posts come from? Do that means the problem is meaningful, but still needs improvement?
  • Is editing a good way to help and improve? What do the community what us to do when making review actions?
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    Did you already read this?
    – honk
    Jan 17, 2016 at 14:28


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