This question can be closed and deleted. I made a stupid mistake! :P

I have this snippet in my answer here: Answer:

* {font-family: Segoe UI;}
#console {position: fixed; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; height: 100px; overflow: auto; font-family: consolas; background: #ccc; border-top: 1px solid #999; margin: 0; font-size: 10pt;}
#console strong:first-child {background: #eee; border-bottom: 1px solid #999; display: block; padding: 3px;}
<script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.3.js"></script>
<input type="text" id="disp"><input type="submit" value="Calc" id="sub" />
<pre id="console"><strong>Console:<strong></pre>

This is how it displays:

Something's wrong with the borders, but if we inspect the snippet, it generates so many unnecessary tags, like nested <strong>:

Why is it so? It happens even in the above one. I am using Google Chrome Version 47.0.2526.106 m.


It should be


So everything works fine.

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