While navigating to the page : Search by Companies, the name of the companies are listed along with the number of jobs listed by that company. Also are listed the tags they are associated with.

I suppose in the tag listing, the first 3 tags of the company are listed. But how are the number of jobs by the company calculated? Even when the company has more than one job listed, the number of jobs by the company is showed as 1.

My first instinct was the number of jobs in the search page was counted based on the tags listed in the same page. But it is not true in case where the company listing has tags c++, java and c# and the job listing doesn't have any of them; in that case the number of jobs by the company is given as 1.

I suppose the value for number of jobs associated with each company does not depend on any tags and in that case the count is displayed wrong.

To reproduce the result : Job count doesnt depend on tag and the count is wrong

  1. https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies?pg=2
  2. select company fragmob

Or did I miss something really important while thinking about the Count of jobs displayed. Because in most cases it is 1.

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  • I reported this bug ages ago...just got to find it. – JonH Jan 15 '16 at 14:38
  • It's likely related to advertising regions not being respected in company pages whereas they are in the search results. I'll investigate next week! – Dean Ward Jan 15 '16 at 20:47
  • I can't repro this issue, could you please confirm you're still encountering it? – Aurélien Gasser Jan 29 '16 at 13:52
  • no. the number of jobs isnt displayed in the list any more. – Vini Jan 29 '16 at 14:00

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