On the page for the 2015 survey I find results from 2013-2015, but only the data set for 2015 (Survey 2015). The 2013 data set is available in a blog post (Survey 2013).

Where can I find the data set for the 2014 survey?

Related question (answer only refers to the 2015 results): Where can I see the 2014 Stack Overflow User Survey results?

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Find a list of all survey results here:


You'll notice we seem to have "skipped" 2014 - in fact it's just officially named the 2013 Survey since that's the year it was conducted. You should find the sanitized data dump linked there.

Hope this helps.

  • Do you have the raw results? Not to distribute to everyone... But I am curious about my own answers to the survey from last year. (I did include my profile URL)
    – user3373470
    Jan 26, 2016 at 21:45

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