I tried proposing to be a synonym for to go through the proper channels to get Rename [visual-studio-online] tag to [vs-team-services] based on product rename through the community process, but I'm faced with a couple of strange error messages:

When I try to add the synonym, I receive a validation error that the reverse tag request exists for , however, that tag has long-since been placed as a synonym under .

enter image description here

Error when trying to suggest synonym:

enter image description here

When looking up I end up on the page, where we can't downvote or change the synonym suggestion.

There is no mention of a reverse synonym suggestion (anymore, it was downvoted by the community yesterday, since the relationship would be the-wrong-side-round).

Is this a bug in the tag system? Or do we need to wait for the caches to be cleared for this request to come through as it's supposed to.

Or can a moderator follow through on the previously submitted retag/synonym request?

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This is acting by design. The problem is that the tag already has its own synonyms, and simply adding that tag to another tag as a synonym would result in a path like this:

Basically, a synonym pointing to a synonym pointing to a master tag. That is not allowed. One of two things needs to happen:

  • A moderator removes all the synonyms from the tag so it can be suggested as a synonym of something else.
  • A moderator merges the tags which transfers all the synonyms to the new master tag.

Either way, you need a moderator in order to do anything.


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