I just tried jobs for the first time and searched for the word frontend and chose contract positions:

There were 2 results, one of which was this

There's no mention of the word contract anywhere in the post and one reference in the body for the word frontend, which was basically talking about the company stack as much as anything.

I haven't looked, posted, but would have thought there would be tags for contract and frontend which is what would actually be searched?

Searching the body for keywords is a challenge as lots of posts will talk about front end || frontend even if they are back end positions.

If the position "type" is not required when posting a job (again, haven't looked), it should be. I do contracts and am simply not interested in anything else. As are some permanent employees, probably.

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Position type is an attributes of a job listing. Employers can choose permanent or contract for it, or unspecified if the job is open to both:

enter image description here

Search results will be filtered accordingly if a job type is chosen in the dropdown:

enter image description here

For searching for front-end jobs, employers typically add more specific tags to their job listing, such as HTML5 or CSS3. Searching for those more specific tags is likely to return more relevant results to you.

Finally, you can also fine-tune the jobs showing up in the "matches" tab by editing your match preferences (click the little gear next to "matches", you'll have to be signed in with your Stack Overflow account):

enter image description here

Good luck!

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