I flagged this question as duplicate of this question. Before doing so, I copied & pasted the same solution as a comment and as expected, it solved the OP's problem. Thus proving that it was indeed a duplicate question. He just wanted to call a method after a delay of specified time, which was what the older question was about as well.

But today I saw that it was resolved as disputed (It was pending before today, as far as I can remember). Why wasn't it marked as helpful? Did I flag it wrongly?

Should we not flag a question as such which might use different words but requires the same solution? This SE Meta post says:

Basically, questions are duplicates if they have the same answers. This includes not only word-for-word duplicates, but also the same idea expressed in different words.

It did have the same answer (but obviously required technical knowledge of the subject to know so).

But it also says:

Questions asking about the same aspect of the same concept, but with different examples, may or may not be considered duplicates.

They did use different examples and different scenarios despite having the same solution. So I am sort of confused here.


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It most definitely is a duplicate. To someone not familiar with iOS it may not seem that way though. One question asks about delaying a view controller's transition and the other is asking about delaying a method. Both questions do indeed have the same solution as you've stated. In the future I wouldn't post the answer as a comment on the duplicate question. If the answer was never provided in the comment the OP may have been more inclined to accept the duplicate suggestion.

  • He was a new guy so I thought it would be helpful to him if I gave him the answer before following the due procedure. It can be hard for a newbie to search for the right thing, speaking from experience. Besides, New users seldom do delete such questions as many of the 1 rep users just create accounts for one-time use. It was up to the reviewers in the end to remove it.
    – NSNoob
    Commented Jan 1, 2016 at 14:35

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