Yesterday, I attempted to earn the Vox Populi badge. At the time, I had 9 badges. Even though I used the maximum 40 votes for that day, I somehow failed to earn the badge. Today, I logged in and tried for Vox Populi again. I got the badge this time, but my badge count rose to 11....?

enter image description here

Thinking this was odd, I went to my profile, and clicked the gear in BADGES. I then selected all, and at the top was all the badges i had collected so far. Sure enough.....

Only 10 badges here!

.....there was only 10 badges that I have earned.

I thought it might be fixed if I waited for a while, but the "phantom" badge remains. I think that the badge somehow counted double due to me meeting the requirements to obtain the badge yesterday, but that is just my guess.

Edit: The suffrage badge was part of the 9 badges I had yesterday.

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    According to your badges page you have 11 bronze badges, so the count is correct. Perhaps you are just confused since the Tumbleweed badge does not appear in that badge tracker there? – animuson Dec 27 '15 at 1:31
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    You had 10 bronze badges yesterday when you earned Suffrage, Vox Populi was badge #11. The progress tracker for badges doesn't include badges for which there is no progress to track (like Tumbleweed) and shouldn't be seen as a complete record. – Martijn Pieters Dec 27 '15 at 1:58

The reason that I thought I had 1 extra badge was due to the progress tracker not listing the badge tumbleweed. Thank you all for your explanations! Closed.

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