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When I wear one hat, and then click on another hat, the first one is removed.

Is there any button like "preserve hat", or something else I'm not seeing?

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    There is a hack. Hint: take-a-screenshot.org – Jon Ericson Dec 23 '15 at 18:18
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    Do you wear two hats in every day life ;) – Seth McClaine Dec 23 '15 at 18:20
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    @SethMcClaine. But some hats don't looks hats here – user4227915 Dec 23 '15 at 18:22
  • It wasn't really an argument @WashingtonGuedes – Seth McClaine Dec 23 '15 at 18:24
  • I love this question. LOL! Why stop at 2! – Jess Dec 23 '15 at 20:15

No; you only get one hat at at time.

If you want two hats, you can always take a cropped screenshot of your avatar wearing one hat, then place the other one on your avatar anywhere else.


I am not sure why anyone would want a gravatar with more than one hat.

However, if you were so inclined... I would suggest getting the image itself, and then modifying it as opposed to using a screenshot. This will retain the pixel quality of the image.

* contains hats from years prior: fake secret megatron hat under a boba fet mask hat with unicorn hat, jeff atwood hair hat, scuba hat, earphone hat, and the bow for rep cap hat.

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    For a mashup, that's quite majestic. – Sterling Archer Dec 23 '15 at 21:16
  • @SterlingArcher - What can I say... I love hats :P – Travis J Dec 23 '15 at 21:17
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    I'm sorry, I never took a look at your large avatar. Always when I looked at your small avatar, I thought you were a clown wearing a storm trooper helmet :p – honk Dec 23 '15 at 21:40

No, you can only wear one hat at a time.

I did propose to have other pieces of clothing as part of last years Closing remarks but that feature request didn't make it.