I've placed a couple links to media sources on my careers profile to provide more context of my previous positions. When I attach a resume to an application, I have the option of generating a PDF.

This PDF has two options - Show link URLs or don't show them.

If I select to show the URLs, it italicizes the text I have the markdown link wrapped around and then shows the full URL. If I don't show the URL (because some of them are long and ugly), the only indication that there is a link present is if you happen to run your mouse over the text and see it changes to a hand cursor.

I want to keep the PDF "pretty" (without showing long, ugly URL strings), but I also want to provide some indication that there is more data available because there is a link here.

Would it be possible to keep the italics or include a thin dashed underline on text that is a link? This will show that there is something available that provides more context.


Thanks for pointing this out. Agreed, links should be obvious. We'll have someone look into this. In the meantime, I've set the status to deferred.

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    This update has been implemented and is live now. Thanks!
    – Des StaffMod
    Jan 23 '16 at 0:20

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