Companies post what technologies they use via the tags feature. Feature request, allow the tag to be clickable showing me other jobs / companies who also are tagged with that technology.

Benefit of this, potential candidate sees a job he / she is interested in with the tag reporting services. Notices the company may not be located where he / she is. Wants to find other jobs who also work on reporting services. By clicking the tag other companies are shows that have this technology stack.

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PS: This works in search jobs but not search companies. I don't know why these two tabs work so differently!

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Thank you for the report, Jon! :)

This is fixed, clicking the tags listed on the company search results would now take the user to company search filtered by that particular tag.


We all agree it's a good suggestion, we just don't have the bandwidth (and it's always been that way). But it's on our internal feature request list now.

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