I got a bronze tag badge today for Objective-C even though I've never written a single Obj-C program in my life. I can guess my way through the meaning sometimes, but I certainly can't produce the syntax by myself.

The reason I got this badge is that I have added Swift version answers to old Objective-C questions. Examples:

The issue of what to do with Swift vs Objective-C has been discussed several times before on Stack Overflow Meta without a clear consensus. I've written about it myself here.

In the past, I used to start a whole new question for Swift. Example:

However, I do it less now because there seem to be quite a few high rep users who consider these duplicates. It attracts less negative attention to just add Swift answers to Objective-C questions. (I may be sorry for even giving the link above.)

I think the following actions would be beneficial:

  • changing the tags (and possibly titles) on old Objective-C questions (to either remove the Objective-C tag or add a Swift tag)
  • allowing more Swift versions (or "duplicates" as some people may call them) of Objective-C questions

One other option is to edit the Swift code into the accepted answer. However, there are two problems with this:

  • making such a large edit could be perceived as stepping on the toes of the original answerer
  • there is no rep benefit to doing so

Anyway, I just made this question to point out an interesting consequence of discouraging new Swift questions that have older Objective-C versions.

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    I have tag badges in Java and C#, too, and on Careers I think I am in the top 10% for those tags despite not having written a single line in those languages in my life. It's a consequence of being very active on SO, a real flaw in the system but likely not one that SE will treat as a priority.
    – Pekka
    Dec 16, 2015 at 10:36


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