I opted in to see the new beta "Jobs" section as noted in the question Careers Unificintegration: Jobs on Stack Overflow.

I do not have a Careers account. When I went to my profile, I noticed a new option "Edit CV".

enter image description here

I clicked it out of curiosity and it took me to the sign in page for Stack Overflow.

enter image description here

Did I do something out of order here? Perhaps it is because I do not have a careers account?


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It would appear that you did have a Careers account from back in 2011 that was automatically created as part of a deprecated featured called 'passive candidates'. I've literally just removed the last remnants of that from our code and transitioned the account to be a regular user.

That user has a fairly sparse CV associated with it already but you can edit it using the link you originally tried.

Thanks for the report!

  • Yup it is fixed now, with a link to create. Thanks!
    – Travis J
    Commented Dec 16, 2015 at 5:48

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