The scenario can be quite simple:

  1. Find a question that was closed as duplicate (that I did not participate in closing) having a tag for which I have a gold badge.

  2. Make some edit to that question.

  3. Use my binding vote to reopen that question.

This seems to fit the hat description perfectly - edit a closed question (that you did not participate in closing) that gets reopened after your edit.

Will it work? If it works, it might encourage some bad behavior of reopening duplicate questions.

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I almost tried it yesterday, with a question that was a real duplicate, but I felt bad about reopening that question, so I didn't.

I ended up getting the I'm a Batman hat doing something similar, but not quite. I found a question in the Reopen Votes queue that was closed as duplicate. It was in the Java tag, in which I have a gold badge. It appeared that the OP made a legit edit and a legit claim that it wasn't an actual duplicate. I chose to edit and reopen, making some minor edits that improved the question slightly.

I did get the hat for that question, but my vote was one of 5 votes to re-open that question, so perhaps having the dupe hammer power didn't have any effect here. Still, it looks like this would have worked even if my vote was a binding vote.

It would be nice to get a confirmation regarding whether it can be done when the binding vote is not one of 5 votes to reopen. I can't test it on other sites, since I only have gold tag badges on SO.

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