I have gone through similar questions on meta but as it's still not clear I am asking a different one.

Here is a post which is completely off-topic. It's asking about finding an existing Android app and doesn't suit the Stack Overflow (i.e. site for those who code). It is best suited for Android Enthusiasts SE. Futhermore it seems that it cannot be closed as far as there's a bounty on it.
I've tried to raise a flag -> select 'should be closed ...' -> select 'off-topic because...' -> 'This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network' -> !!! (I don't see Android Enthusiast SE site among options)

Can I migrate this post to Android Enthusiasts SE? If yes then how, if no then what do I need to do?

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The only thing you can do is custom-flag the question and tell a moderator it should be moved there. This is the standard procedure for off-topic posts which are good questions on other sites (which are not in the default migration list). And only moderators can close a question with a bounty on it, so that would justify the custom flag again.

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