I primarily use IE11. I visit StackOverflow several times a day, and just leave it logged in. Closing and reopening the browser logs me back in automatically.

IE just crashed on me. When I brought it back up, I was no longer automatically logged in to StackOverflow. I guess my cookie got destroyed in the crash. Oh well.

But, when I try to login, the login page does not work in IE. Neither the "more login options" link or the "Log in" button respond to mouse clicks! I use my own domain for OpenID, with StackExchange as the OpenID provider.

I brought up FireFox and was able to enter and submit my OpenID credentials, but I got a "Message signature incorrect" error from the server. I refreshed the page and it then logged me in OK.

Looks like something is broken on StackExchange's end. Any ideas?

Update: "I guess my cookie got destroyed in the crash" - or not. I just restarted IE after using FireFox for awhile, and IE automatically logged in to StackOverflow normally again.

  • I remember someone saying that IE just don't know how to manage cookies... clear them with a 3rd party tool, and you should be good to go.
    – Braiam
    Dec 11, 2015 at 5:07


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