The epic and the Legendary badges for earning 200 daily reputation are very hard to achieve.

It would be nice to have a recap in the profile page to check quickly how many times this target was be achieved.

In my opinion it would be nice to have intermediate targets as 10,25,40,100.

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    They're deliberately meant to be hard to achieve... If you go to stackoverflow.com/reputation and go down to the bottom - you can see how often you've rep-capped... Dec 6, 2015 at 10:01
  • Nice recap, I didn't know it. However it is right to have hard targets, may be it would be nice to have intermediate targets. Dec 6, 2015 at 10:06
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    Guess it's time to introduce diamond badges :D Dec 6, 2015 at 10:18
  • Also the Research Assistant badge is awarded only 227 times and it's silver. Dec 6, 2015 at 10:20
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    @BhargavRao: We have that already :P
    – Remi Guan
    Dec 6, 2015 at 10:57
  • @KevinGuan That is gold badge to diamond people :D Dec 6, 2015 at 10:58
  • @BhargavRao: Yeah, and see, only diamond people have the Sheriff badge :P
    – Remi Guan
    Dec 6, 2015 at 10:59
  • @jonrsharpe It is not a full duplicate question. I am also proposing some intermediate steps and I am asking how to check this target on own profile. Dec 6, 2015 at 12:08
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    And that's why you should ask one question at a time.
    – jonrsharpe
    Dec 6, 2015 at 12:10
  • In any case the real topic is not about the difficulty to achieve the badge (because it is not a question but a fact), but how to check on own profile and there is a right answer below. Dec 6, 2015 at 12:13
  • Which was also already available, see e.g. meta.stackoverflow.com/a/290433/3001761
    – jonrsharpe
    Dec 6, 2015 at 12:41

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To view progress, the preferred method is to use your profile page where you will see under the "Activity" tab something similar to:

enter image description here

Click the cog to change the target to the badge you wish to track - eg: "Epic" / "Legendary" for instance.


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