On my flag summary page https://stackoverflow.com/users/flag-summary/814548?group=0&status=0&page=2

I can see one helpful rude or offensive flag for question jQuery ajax .load() results in 500 error in Internet Explorer only. But there is no helpful category displayed under offensive flags. The total count should be 2 with 1 helpful flag.


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The flag summary page provides a breakdown based on flag type:

  • Post Flags - this includes NAA, VLQ, other flags
  • Comment Flags - all comment flag types - too chatty, not constructive, obsolete, rude or offensive, etc
  • Spam Flags
  • Offensive Flags

Your flag history is showing 1 Offensive Flag which was declined. This is the only Offensive Flag that you have in your history.

The rude or offensive item you see in your history is for a comment that you flagged on this answer. This item is counted in the comment flags not in the offensive flags because they are different flag types.

This isn't a bug. The flag history is displayed by flag type and comment flags are different from offensive flags.

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