There's a tag with about 97 questions; there's no tag wiki; over 50% of the questions are unanswered; the tag has 6 followers (I wonder if they know what they're following?); only one of the top answerers has more than one answer in the tag; the asker with the most questions has managed three questions with the tag for two upvotes; and the top asker has one question with 9 upvotes).

The questions seem to be all over the place.

  • Some are referring to 'user defined type' in a database.
  • Some seem to be referring to a dialect of C, or perhaps to UDP networking.
  • Some seem to be referring to a library from Sourceforge.
  • Some seem to be referring to Python; others to C#.
  • …and that's just the first page and a casual glance.

If I was going to keep the tag, I'd give it the meaning of 'user defined type' in a DBMS and remove the tag from questions on other manifestation.

Should the tag be burninated? Or revamped as a DBMS user defined type? Or as something else?


Since Rhymoid pointed out that the tag (plural) exists, it was simple to retag a large number of the questions previously tagged with (sometimes it was just a question of removing the tag). I've put a provisional Wiki entry for that mainly suggests using and not using .

  • Is it sensible to suggest making into a synonym for ?

  • Those changes leave something like 28 questions still tagged with . Many of these are referring to the UDP-based Data Transfer (UDT) library. Is it appropriate to make the tag refer to this, or should a new tag be created such as , or perhaps , along with an appropriate Wiki entry that identifies what it is about and referencing the library on Sourceforge, etc. I note that the UDT library has not been updated since 2011, and the related Sector/Sphere project which is cross-referenced on the UDT page has likewise not been updated since then.

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    I think people are confusing udp and udt somehow. For DBMS-related questions, the tag user-defined-type already exists. There's also "UDP-based Data Transfer", which is the subject of probably the only question with an appropriate udt tag. I'd support burnination.
    – user824425
    Nov 23, 2015 at 19:09
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    @Rhymoid: Thanks. I agree that at least some of the confusion was UDP vs UDT. The Sourceforge UDT library is interesting, but apparently hasn't been updated since 2011 (but was actively developed 2006-2011). If there's already user-defined-type then there's clearly no need for udt for the same task; I can go ahead and retag or untag those udt questions with a clear conscience. Then there can be a reassessment of what's left over. Nov 23, 2015 at 19:33
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    The existing tag for database UDTs is user-defined-types (plural, not singular). Nov 23, 2015 at 19:52


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