I think should be a tag synonym of .

I see this was requested back in March, but at that time the questions were just manually retagged, and a deprecation message was put into the excerpt. Naturally, that excerpt disappeared when the tag did. This did not keep the camel's nose out of the tent; it simply cropped up again in October. Making it a synonym would seem to be the only permanent solution.

I have not been able to find any other project named Camel (admittedly, between Apache Camel, camel case, and the Perl "Camel Book", it's a difficult search). If some other project named Camel does come along in the future, we would want to give it a tag name that clearly distinguishes it from [apache-camel] in any case. We could then add disambiguation text to both tags.

[apache-camel]: About 4,300 questions, oldest dated 27 Oct 2008, has had tag info since February 2011.

[camel]: 29 questions, oldest dated 27 Oct 2015 (exactly 7 years later, funny coincidence). Spot-checking, most seem clearly related to [apache-camel]; some use both tags, some refer to it in the body.

I don't have any reputation in [apache-camel], so I can't vote for this myself. I did change the excerpt text in [camel] to encourage people not to use it, and to vote for the synonym, but so far only one person has done so.

I would flag it on SO for moderator attention, but I don't see any way to flag a tag.

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A synonym has already been suggested, so...

Go Vote For It!

If you have a score of 5 or more in the tag (Tag scores), and at least 2500 reputation on the site, you can vote to make it a synonym. Once it reaches a score of 4, it will become a synonym... Yaay!

  • Three days later, no votes. I don't see a relevant chat channel. How can we get the attention of these users? Perhaps start fixing the tag in their posts and mention it in the edit note?
    – Tom Zych
    Commented Nov 25, 2015 at 8:24

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