I'd love to use Careers to find technical writing jobs, and I suspect other IT types would benefit too. Note that I'm not asking for a big change, just an expansion to include more of the IT field.

  • Isn't the raison d'etre for Careers to be geared towards those in the IT field? – Makoto Nov 19 '15 at 23:08
  • If you mouse-over the "Careers" tag, it specifically says that its' for programmers. And I've tried searching for Technical Writing jobs worldwide, and none appear at all. – Shawn V. Wilson Nov 19 '15 at 23:12
  • Well, that's what I'm subtly getting at. I'm not so sure that the platform should be changing its focus when it's still got work to do on the IT front just yet. – Makoto Nov 19 '15 at 23:14
  • Technical Writing is an IT job. At least, it often is. – Shawn V. Wilson Nov 27 '15 at 2:25
  • @ShawnV.Wilson There are entire big programming languages without a single job listing on careers because their community isn't on SO. Similarily the tech writing community isn't on SO (as SO is a site for programmers) so this makes little sense till SE gives that community a home somewhere. – David Mulder Dec 16 '15 at 20:28

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