I recently found out that I can include images with various sizes, and I've been using the feature happily ever since. Today I ran into a situation where the resized (resampled?) versions of a png image are distorted.


original size, fine

Resized to "square" sizes (b,s):

b size, OK s size, OK

Resized to "thumbnail" sizes (h,l,m,t):

h size, oh the horror l size m size t size

Is the resizing/resampling done by SO, or by imgur? In other words, who should fix this bug? And does anyone know what kinds of images could be affected?


@brasofilo kindly pointed me to their similar question on meta.SE. In the mean time I realized what's wrong with the image, and this makes me think that the two problems might not be related.

The image in question has an alpha channel rather than having a background colour:

caught alpha-handed

It seems straighforward to assume that the "thumbnail" versions are messed up due to the alpha channel present in the image.

My question remains: who should fix this bug?



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