I got the new profile features popup today. The second page about tags is unclear:

enter image description here

  1. What does 'Pick a few tags' do? The will help us show you... is vague*.

  2. Is the input box for adding other tags?
    You can type the tag titles and have them auto-complete as usual; that includes tags already displayed (looks like the current list of favorite tags). I thought I was supposed to drag tags to the edit control (red arrow), but this gave me a URL in the inputbox (default browser behavior)

  3. I clicked a red cross in a tag and it disappeared from the list. Is this supposed to happen (why: point 1)? It did not change anything to my favorite tags on the front page.

* It immediately triggers a red flag for me, I have seen too many of these 'helpful' offers from LinkedIn, Facebook and the likes



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