In my Stack Overflow activity, I'm mostly interested in HPC and parallel programming, notably with and . Both of them support , and as targeted languages, so I have quite often the opportunity to post Fortran code snippets in answers. But since unfortunately, Fortran isn't officially supported by Google Code Prettify, these snippets are just very grim and not too nice to read (see this for example).

That said, it turns out that somebody wrote the code needed for supporting Fortran with Google Code Prettify, but this apparently never landed into the official package (the code itself is here).

So my question is as follow: assuming this prettifying works (which I never tried) but never lands anywhere inside the official SO sources (which is likely since it didn't make it for the Google distribution), is there a way of manually including it inside a Fortran-related SO post so that codes are prettified?

My feeling is that since JavaScript code snippets can be inserted / executed inside SO posts, this might be feasible... But that said, I have exactly zero competence in JavaScript or anything related to web development, so I truly don't know if my question makes any sense at all.

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