I've tried to visit this question an hour ago, but it throws an error:

CloudFlare Error

And I tried to refresh it a couple of times, but the error won't resolved. I can't even access the home page. So I left the page then. After some time, let say a half hour, it is now fixed, that error screen is gone! I just want to asked what triggers this phenomenon, and what can I do to avoid it (as a programmer, my weakness is Computer Networking).

In case you asked my topographical location, I'm on Philippines.

  • and what can I do to avoid it There's nothing you can do to avoid it, really. It happened because the DNS was improperly configured, or the DNS provider was done.
    – Rob Mod
    Mar 17, 2016 at 23:09

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A DNS resolution error typically indicates one of the following things:

  • A request for a domain was made to a CloudFlare IP address and that domain does not exist on the CloudFlare network, ie- the domain hasn't been added to a CloudFlare account. As a result, CloudFlare does not know where to route that request.

  • The target of the DNS record for the domain requested through CloudFlare does not resolve.

  • The record requested is a CNAME record pointing to an external DNS provider that is currently experiencing downtime.

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