I came across a question today (10k+ only link currently) where the OP has deleted it as it is a duplicate:

enter image description here

Apart from my spelling error of 'not', the OP was requested not to delete their question. From their comments it seems like the OP really doesn't want to lose any reputation from the downvotes.

The question itself is of low-quality, and is of a subject that's bound to attract downvotes (bulk messaging [spam]), but it still is a useful duplicate signpost for sending bulk Whatsapp messages Android.

I quickly browsed around, and found Deleting Questions After being flagged as duplicate or when the question is answered on the “suggested” questions, which suggests that question deletion by the OP due to a duplicate is not acceptable:

So no, don't delete duplicates. Unless you really just didn't put any effort at all into searching. That'll be quite obvious; the two questions will basically have identical titles.

-Cody Gray

I was initially going to flag one of the user's other posts to alert a moderator to the matter, but I'm unsure whether this particular case is actually deserving of moderator attention. Back to the user requesting users do not downvote their question; it might be worth seeing if this (deleting downvoted questions) is a pattern for this user. If so, they'll likely be hit with a question ban before long.

Is the 'post vandalism' in this case acceptable (aka, low-quality duplicate being deleted)? Is it worth flagging in the case a similar situation arises?

In my opinion, the question in this particular case should be undeleted & dupe-hammered.

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    No, this isn't vandalism. The user really did the site a favor- That was a pretty bad question. Now if they edited to be a better question then deleted it, yes, that would be bad. But that's not good quality, so we lose nothing in it being deleted. As a side note, post vandalism instead refers to when a user edits and vandalizes a post by removing/replacing content and destroying what was already there.
    – Kendra
    Commented Nov 9, 2015 at 19:43
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    Also, referring to your comment in the screenshot, I highly doubt any moderator will undelete that question unless it gets a complete face-lift to make it a good question.
    – Kendra
    Commented Nov 9, 2015 at 19:45

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You should generally assume that poorly-written, unanswered, heavily-downvoted questions will eventually be deleted by someone, regardless of whether or not they're duplicates. If the author doesn't do it, then 10K+ users probably will; if they don't, then one of the automatic deletion scripts will.

Good "signpost" duplicates are useful, but we're not really short of badly-written ones.

If you particularly want to save a question, then edit it. Make it look good, something that you and others are comfortable upvoting. That's gonna do a lot more long-term to preserve your signpost than getting into an argument with the author will.

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