I spotted this question. The user was programmatically loading a UIView in iOS and adding it to another element named UIScrollView and his problem was that the view's nib file was not loading or displaying. Since this was horrible re-invention of wheel (As iOS already provides us similar functionality via UITableView), I suggested that he should use UITableView instead of adding subviews with a loop inside a scrollview. This obviously provided him with the results that he wanted but it does not quite answer to his real question. I did not post my suggested approach as an answer for this reason and also because it was true only on his case but for other people facing a similar problem it won't be helpful. I did however gave him a link to correct way of loading a View's nib file (Already answered on SO) in comments. Should I have posted that as an answer? This Meta discussion doesn't quite provide me a solid answer.

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There are many questions asking "how do I do X" when "X" is a poor approach. Occasionally the asker really wants to know about "X". But, more commonly, I believe, the asker wants to solve a problem and thought that "X" was the best method to use. Perhaps this is a version of the X-Y problem.

Reading the linked question (which is about a topic I do not know) it seems the asker thought that "X" was the way to go, but they tried your recommendation and were satisfied with that approach.

I would say that you have provided a good answer to the askers problem and that you should write it up as an answer.

  • If another person comes to visit this question, they would be looking for the way to load the view correctly which most likely will not involve using the approach I suggested. I probably should add the link to the already question answer in this regard along with the alternative approach to tackle his specific issue.
    – NSNoob
    Commented Oct 28, 2015 at 9:00

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