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While doing a review (first posts queue for example), sometimes the question I review has problems with its formatting, that could be fixed by editing. And as another reviewer came to the same conclusion, there is already a suggested edit in peer review, meaning the editbutton is greyed out for me.

Now, how should I proceed in this case?

I can not edit the question, and I do neither want to comment, up- or down-vote, as it would not help in my opinion.

By now, I click No action needed, as the pending edit is likely to solve what I criticise about the post - but I can not know whether the edit will be approved or rejected, and as I do not have the privileges required to have a look at the edit yet, I can not judge for myself. Or should I just skip the question for later review?

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    If the down-voter would be so kind to explain his reasoning I would be glad. I can not see whats wrong with the question. I can not see anything that might be unclear. I could also not find any similar question on MSO.
    – T3 H40
    Oct 28, 2015 at 10:32

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You can always skip the review.

Another option would be to choose "No action needed", while you keep the post open in a separate tab, to make sure the edit gets accepted, or to re-apply the edit if it got unjustly rejected.

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