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Using @ will ping and highlight a username, however @@ will ping and not highlight the name.

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    @@SterlingArcher this is annoying because when I quick scan to see who pinged me I cannot see it.
    – rlemon
    Oct 27 '15 at 18:39
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    Why would you use @@? You might consider this a feature: ping without highlight. That is, trollping. Oct 28 '15 at 12:10
  • By the way, if you click on the "number of pings" icon on your avatar in the chat window, does it jump to the given line? Does it keep count of that in the first place? Oct 28 '15 at 12:28
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    It does pop up with the number. And nobody double @s on purpose. It's just a bug is all. I doubt it has any attention to it. Oct 28 '15 at 13:22
  • Apparently I get pings even if I don't want them i.imgur.com/0JKzOAs.png
    – user2286243
    Oct 28 '15 at 16:54
  • @VarunAgw that's an unrelated thing. Chat pings anybody with var contained in their name if they've been in the chat recently. Oct 28 '15 at 17:01
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    While we're at it, let's remove 3 letter pings
    – ndugger
    Oct 28 '15 at 17:04
  • actually chat pings with minimal names. @Ster would likely ping you
    – rlemon
    Oct 28 '15 at 17:04

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