I usually wrote a bit longer Q/A and often make formatting errors because I simply do not see The right part of body in preview while editing.

actual state

As you can see while editing bullet #4 I see only bullets #1,#2 in preview. This is very discomfort-able (at least for me for a long time). I think this can be remedied by:

  1. synchronizing the preview position to that in editor

    But this may be tricky due to mark down formatted preview is very different from the source text.

  2. adding (separate) scrollbar to preview

    This is a bit less comfortable solution then #1 because the views are not synchronized automatically but should be much much simpler/safer to implement while still providing desired functionality. I think something like this:

    preview scroll bar

[edit1] just found this related (almost duplicate) question

Weird that it was not showed in any of mine earlier searches for this but here in related column it is ...



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