According to this article, PayU India fully separated its PayU Enterprise and PayUmoney products earlier this year and renamed PayU Enterprise to PayUbiz.

  • has 48 questions and a brief tag wiki, most of which is naming the countries that it's available in
  • has 12 questions and a tag wiki that is clearly an advertisement
  • 5 questions have both tags

I suggest that we change to and rewrite the tag wikis for it and . (I would rewrite them myself, but I think someone with more knowledge of these products should do it.)

  • Good luck finding a knowledgeable person here on SO. From the Tag Wiki's stats page: All Time 83.3% unanswered . And the tag wiki for payumoney is a bit spammy.
    – theB
    Commented Oct 14, 2015 at 19:54


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