The "Unanswered Questions" page (the "Unanswered" button next to "Ask Question") is flooded with old irrelevant questions (such as inout parameter in closure crashes the Swift compiler). Often, these are from (third-party) bugs that have been fixed, and they are usually abandoned by the asker.

Any input?


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So...what you're saying is those questions don't have answers? And they're appearing in the "Unanswered Questions" list?

Sounds like things are working as expected.

So apart from that non-answer, if those questions are off topic, please close them as such.

If those questions are answerable, and you know the answer, why not answer them?

  • ... and if they have at least one acceptable answer, but no upvoted / accepted one, consider whether it's worth an upvote. Commented Oct 10, 2015 at 3:38

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