There are many questions about failed audits, but none that seem to address the particular use case I encountered just now (maybe this one is the closest). Hope I won't get slammed as a new reviewer because this is a "duplicate"...

While reviewing this question, I commented that it wasn't 100% clear whether they were asking for help, just vaguely wondering why different speeds occurred, or asking a more theoretical question about Scala vs. Python speed. Ordinarily I would not have commented or even read it, because I don't know tons about this, but it was an awfully long question without a clear question and it was in the review queue... and so now I am apparently a bad reviewer.

But I don't agree that my comment was inappropriate. I agree that one could read between the lines, but if it really was a new poster and no one had answered yet, this would be reasonable advice.

I guess my question (!) is whether SO mods or the programming brains can be a little less automatic in this detection. There are plenty of poor-quality questions that get up votes, after all, if they are on popular topics. Just bashing a reviewer for putting a comment seems a bit excessive.

(A subsidiary question is whether any comment at all would have gotten a bad result on audit, or only ones with words like "improve". If not, that is a terrible audit policy. I might comment approvingly on a question I don't up vote, if I think it is a good one but not one personally useful to me.)

  • Thanks, I searched but didn't find that one!
    – kcrisman
    Commented Oct 7, 2015 at 7:50


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