I try to use the "Need Answers" tab for specific tags, because I think it's a great idea / way to make sure Stack Overflow is the place for questions. However, it's not working too well at the moment:

  1. The tab shows several questions I've voted to close. As far as I'm concerned those questions are not in need of an answer, but in need of more close votes.

  2. The tab shows several questions I've downvoted. Sure, 80% of the cases these also fall in category 1, but those other 20% rarely get edited after my downvote, and it's very unlikely I'll answer a question I've downvoted.

  3. The tab shows questions with answers. It seems (after some delay) the system filters questions with at least one answer I've upvoted. This is great! Similar smart filters would be nice for case 1 and 2, above...

I know this would make this "Needs Answers" tab more useful to me.

Your thoughts?


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