I have the wildcard tag css* favourited. Sometimes when I click on it, rather than being greeted by the normal set of (over 350,000) questions, I instead get:

0 questions

That's a miss!

There are no JavaScript errors and as new questions with tags matching the wildcard filter are created I see them appear one by one.

As an active SO user I see this once or twice per day. Refreshing the page resolves the issue:

Lots of questions...

That's not a miss!

I'm really not sure what's causing it. Emptying my cache and reloading the page doesn't recreate the issue. I've also had it happen whilst actively using the site (e.g. clicking on my css* favourite tag, loading the question list, clicking on a question, doing a few other things, then clicking on css* again to find the questions have disappeared).



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