I would appreciate some advice on what are considered proper tags for questions that are platform specific (e.g. windows, linux, ...) but not programming language specific.

Yesterday I posted this question: How to prevent flushing to disk of a memory map opened on a windows temporary delete-on-close file.

It relates to windows platform specific features that are not dependent on any specific programming language. To illustrate and allow reproducing the problem, I included sample code in c++.

Furthermore, in addition to the tag and tags most closely related to the specific issue, I tagged the question with both and language tags, because to me the question seemed to be the most relevant to the communities using those languages.

After being reprimanded by a high rep user not to "add irrelevant tags trying to get attention to your question", I included the tag.

However that seems to also be considered inappropriate by some, as my question was just now edited to remove this tag, with the following comment:

Removing language-agnostic. This question is C++ specific (and Windows-platform specific)

I don't agree with this (including a c++ sample does not make the question itself c++ specific), and could revert the edit, but before doing so and to prevent potentially endless re-tagging edits, I thought it wiser to request your advice on what the community considers appropriate tags for platform specific, but language independent questions that include sample code in a specific programming language.

  • Well, first you want to reduce your code considerably. Most of it has nothing at all to do with reproducing your problem. Which would likely simplify it so much you have a chance to actually ask about the winapi involved without neccessarily tying it to a specific language. Sep 18 '15 at 16:45
  • 1
    @Deduplicator ok, fair point. I have reduced the sample code in my original question somewhat. That still leaves this question on what tags are appropriate unanswered though.
    – Alex
    Sep 18 '15 at 17:48

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