I noticed that there are a lot of framework specific tags for different MVC frameworks on stackoverflow. Some examples:

routing is one example but the same issue for things like validation, input-filters and a lot of other common MVC elements.

I have to say that when I ask a question related to Zend Framework 2 and routing I would most likely tag my question as zend-framework2 + routing just like all these people did in their questions.

I do this since the routing tags don't specify to which version of Zend Framework they relate to (version 1 or 2, soon also 3). And it is not desirable to introduce a new zend-framework2-routing and zend-framework3-routing for this purpose.

  • What is the concept behind these framework specific tags? Or is it one of those nasty things that unexpectedly found its way into the system?
  • Is the community supposed to use or avoid them?
  • What about versioning, should different framework versions have their own tags? Or should all versions use one general tag?

Would it be an idea to help users more to find the right tags. So for example automatically exchange a tag zend-framework-routing with zend-framework + routing (or the opposite) or make suggestions for alternatives to the given tags? Or is this going to frustrate the users?


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