I have been looking at my past questions, and noticed this message:

Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this question?

I certainly appreciate the concern and the friendly reminder, but the 52th time I visit the page it starts to get a little bothersome. For that reason I would like to request a way for me to say that: "YES I HAVE CONSIDERED IT AND I DON'T WANT TO".

So, in summation I would like to request that there is a little yes button next to the reminder so that when I click it the reminder goes away forever. Please?

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    This question should be on the fast track to get its "Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this question?" flag set. – Bill the Lizard Sep 1 '15 at 18:19
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    But have you really considered it? I mean, not just thought about it, but made diagrams and flow charts to ponder the possibilities? – James Sep 1 '15 at 20:36
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    At the very least could the reminder disappear until there are either changes to answers or new answers offered. – user334911 Sep 2 '15 at 15:53
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    Do accept few of the answers to your question and that should do the trick. At least that you can do not just for the shake of getting rid of that message but for showing your appreciation for the effort made by answer posters. – Rahul Sep 2 '15 at 23:59
  • Do you really believe that it's possible to not accept an answer or start a bounty? – Andrew Grimm Sep 3 '15 at 0:01
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    @Rahul I thought it's possible to accept only one answer per question. – Teemu Sep 3 '15 at 6:48
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    @Rahul: To be fair, thesecretmaster has accepted an answer on most of their questions. – PM 2Ring Sep 3 '15 at 7:39
  • And on the other ones the answers didn't help me, so no accept – thesecretmaster Nov 15 '15 at 22:14
  • Quite annoying. No, there is no satisfying answer. No, I don't care enough to offer my points for it. – NO_NAME Jul 30 '19 at 10:51

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