I haven't done a lot of flagging so far, and therefore I currently have a low number of maximum flags per day (today I only have 13 flags to give out). If I review post in the review queues, I will often flag a post, followed by the message:

Congratulations! This was only a test,etc.

What happens to the flag I used to mark that audit post? Will I get it back? I feel like I should get it back, since it will no longer be potentially counted as a "helpful flag", but I can see how it would be a bother to implement.

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As you are not technically flagging the post only the audit, the flag is not counted as helpful/disputed/declined.

Let's imagine an extreme case for a single day:

  • You're given 20 review tasks;
  • The system decides to present you 20 audits;
  • After reviewing 20 tasks, you have still 13 flags left.

Here is a question that asks for the opposite behavior.

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