The data explorer of data exchange can view a maximum of 50000 records of the result set. My queries result is larger than 50000 and I want to view whole result set and download the full result.


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Some of the tables in The Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) hold a lot of rows. On the other hand we are able to construct and run almost any thinkable query against that poor Sql Server instance.

There had to be a trade-off between having a reasonable performance for everybody while not bringing the network infrastructure down to its knees when you and many more execute

select * from posts

In the configuration classes of SEDE you'll find this setting

    public static int MaxResultsPerResultSet { get; private set; }

and when the resultset is prepared to be sent to the client:

while (reader.Read())
     if (++currentRow > AppSettings.MaxResultsPerResultSet || totalRows + currentRow > AppSettings.MaxTotalResults)
          resultSet.Truncated = true;

This makes that you'll never be able to get more then 50,000 rows per resultset returned to the client.

As indicated by CRABOLO both myself and Normal Human provided some possible solutions/hacks to get around that limit a bit as answer on Why can't I pull in all the SO users from Data Explorer? over on Meta Stack Exchange.

Beside those options another alternative you might want to check is the Stack API but that also limits the number of calls/results.

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