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I have asked a number of questions with the JavaScript tag, and in said questions, I deliberately did not add the JQuery tag because I was not able to use JQuery in my code. I have seen a number of questions like this, and to me it is frustrating. I have had to take to adding an extra note at the bottom that specifically asks that no JQuery answers be given, and yet I still get JQuery answers. If I wanted to/was able to use JQuery for my code, I would've tagged it with JQuery. Why don't people respect the distinction between the two? I know JQuery is a javascript library, but still it's not the same thing. Is there a better way to prevent unwanted JQuery answers?

I've tried to explain in comments that I can't accept a JQuery answer, and I've gotten some hostile/negative responses. What Can I do to emphasize that I DO NOT WANT JQuery answers? Could there theoretically be something implemented into stack overflow that would prevent JQuery from being used in snippets for questions tagged javascript, with no JQuery tag?

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