A stated goal for editing a post is to improve its clarity. Precision, accuracy and elegance in the written word are important for ensuring that complicated concepts are communicated and understood correctly by one's audience.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a terrible lack of attention or care for a very important linguistic tool: collective nouns.

I don't want to see the Questions and Answers of our site flounder around with brutish and uncivil terms such as "ton", "bunch" and "lot".

For the sake of the site's reputation and standing in society, I'd like to put forth the terms of programmery1 found in the answers below for consideration by and/or education of our community. It is my hope that, by introducing a modicum of sophistication and linguistic finesse, we will increase the overall civility and comity on the site.

1"Terms of Programmery" is a subcategory of collective nouns similar to Terms of Venery but with a focus on computer science, its practitioners and subjects that matter to them.

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When editing posts on SO or MSO, consider replacing generic collective nouns with one of the more refined options below.

Keep in mind that multiple collective nouns may exist for some items, so an example has been provided for each term to help the reader choose a term that fits the context.

The following list adheres to the format:

Singular Term

  • Collective Noun

    Example of collective noun in a sentence.


Terms of Programmery

General Programming Terms


  • Foil

    My inbox was flooded by a foil of bug reports.

GitHub Repo/Project

  • Lacunulose

    My search resulted in a lacunulose of GitHub Projects, none with the required feature.

Terms Unique to Stack Overflow


  • Windiness

    A just deleted a windiness of comments discussing the merits of semicolons vs periods.


  • Vigilante

    I just received a vigilante of downvotes for no good reason.

  • Dogpile

    Referring to the question in Meta resulted in a dogpile of downvotes.

Meta Post

  • Fury

    Recent tweaks to SO's UI generated a fury of Meta posts explaining why we are idiots.

  • Ignoramus

    For more information, see the ignoramus of Meta posts concerning required comments.


  • Chekism

    A real democracy would not allow a chekism of mods to determine what's on- or off-topic!


  • Chaos

    The chaos of unclosed questions in the close vote queue has kept me up at night.

  • Haze

    I get annoyed by the haze of off-topic questions.

Sock Puppet

  • Cheat

    The user created a cheat of sock puppets to gain trusted user privileges.

Suggested Edit

  • Kindergarten

    Someone just earned a badge by mass approving a kindergarten of suggested edits!


  • Blessing

    Whoa... why is there such a blessing of unicorns on Meta?


  • Giddy

    How can I edit this post to earn a giddy of upvotes?

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    Your wisdom is great. Perhaps someone should write a userscript to achieve this?
    – Pekka
    Aug 27, 2015 at 21:22
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    That's certainly a confusion of collective nouns. Aug 27, 2015 at 21:53

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